Nathan Brown, CFP®, ChFC®, RICP®

Personal CFO

I earned my M.S. in Materials Science in 1997 and my MBA from Babson College in 2003.  I’ve been providing investment, tax and financial advice to individuals and companies for 20+ years. 

I started my career as semiconductor engineer where I gained technical expertise in manufacturing, but I’d always been interested in personal financial planning.  I saw so many missed opportunities where smart people made incorrect decisions. Coworkers were not aware of opportunities and risks because financial planning is not what they did for a living.

My passion for working with clients to make the most of their financial future so they can have an abundant life and an abundant retirement.  Seeing these missed opportunities led me to expanded my knowledge of opportunities by becoming a CFP® after getting my MBA.  I worked with a number of high net worth individual focused companies with advanced planning practices.

I became disillusioned with the layers of bureaucracy, product-based incentives and limitations placed on providing holistic advice to clients.  My years of experience has confirmed my belief that team based approach is the most important and personally fulfilling way to work with clients.  It was this desire to be a true fiduciary to clients and be able to advise them on all aspects of their personal balance sheet and income statements that led me to join My Personal CFO.

Outside of work I enjoy spending my time with family and friends.  I enjoy strategy games, cycling, running and hiking in the great Northwest when I can.

My passions really lie in talking to and learning more about others and helping them achieve their goals!

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